About Cris

Have you heard about those guest speakers and facilitators who go on and on about how wonderful they are? And then tell you how they ‘discovered’ the answer and now you can have it too (at a huge cost)?

Well, that’s not Cris. He believes that kind of talk disempowers people. And we’re here to excite and incentivise your people. He also has a healthy respect that everyone’s path is unique. As such, you should “walk your own walk”.

What does Cris mean by this? He’s had struggles (and still does). And he’s made a few mistakes. In fact, he believes in making mistakes every day, to learn and grow. But Cris also believes in learning from others. His journey has taught him some valuable shortcuts. Shortcuts that can help you (and others) avoid some of the pitfalls he’s experienced.

Cris has shared a stage with the likes of the Dalai Lama, Brené Brown and others. Their inspiration shaped the successful wellbeing practises that Cris now brings to workplaces.

Want to stop staff burnout in its tracks?

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    Wellbeing Strategy

    Creating an organisational wellness plan tailored for your people, budget and goal 
    Wellbeing Strategy

    Workplaces can be stressful environments for various reasons. And while most people work in an industry they love, they can still experience high levels of stress and burnout. As an employer, you don’t want that to happen.

    At Workplace wellbeing we take an integrated approach to the mental health and wellness of your employees. It helps your staff thrive through achieving overall health in all areas of their life.

    But how is this relevant to your organisation? Because having a wellbeing strategy at your organisation provides huge benefits. Not only does it benefit your workers, but it benefits your organisation. Let’s see why. And then we’ll talk about how.

    Why do you need a workplace wellbeing plan?


    If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that burnout is real. Many employees and employers have experienced burnout thanks to the pandemic itself.

    But whilst we can never cut stress completely out of our lives, we can change how we manage it.

    Implementing a workplace wellbeing plan can:


    Help improve your employee’s overall health and gain mental clarity


    Change employee’s old thinking patterns and negative emotions


    Minimise employee burnout in your organisation


    Minimise workers’ compensation claims based on stress-related issues


    Reduce staff turnover, meaning you don’t have the added cost of finding and training new employees


    Reduce cynicism and remove the “us versus them” mentality


    Save you a lot of time and money


    Create initatives that are both interesting and engaging

    And that’s where our individualised wellbeing programs fit in.
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    Our process

    Our signature program is organisation-wide. It provides each and every one of your people the opportunity to develop their own wellbeing plan for the next one to three months.

    We’ve broken our process down into three different sessions. This helps your employees to develop healthy long-lasting habits.


    Sesion 1

    Session 2

    Session 3

    Right from the outset, we start tiny. Yes, we said tiny.

    This session is all about creating tiny habits. Tiny habits that support what wellbeing means to every single employee.

    And while they might be tiny habits, they’re also sustainable, healthy ones. Every single employee that attends will learn how to establish:

    • three sustainable tiny habits for the first week
    • a further three tiny habits for the following week

    Do I hear you asking ‘why baby steps?’ Here’s why:

    • Because we’ve all seen big bang commitments that fail (remember last New Years’ Eve?)
    • Because we know that small incremental changes are more likely to succeed than attempting big shifts
    • Because we want to give your people the taste of success
    • Because this helps everyone create and develop wellness habits that will last a lifetime.

    Tiny steps are more likely to stick long-term than trying to take a huge leap. Just ask our previous participants.

    Our second session starts seven to 10 days after the tiny habits session. Why? Because it lets your employees get into the habit of creating healthy habits.

    And now it’s time for your employees to zoom out and look at the broader picture. During this, we’ll explore the following issues:

    • What does wellbeing mean for you? What about happiness? There’s no wrong answer here. It’s different for everyone
    • What does the science have to say?
    • What is PERMAH? And who the heck cares? Hint: this is all about positive psychology
    • What about financial security? Does wellbeing cost a lot?

    We all wear many different hats in our life. Father, mother, daughter, sibling, boss, colleague. And the list goes on. But it’s still possible to build balanced wellbeing while wearing so many hats. And this session teaches you and your employees how.

    About one month after session 2, we’ll catch up for session 3. This is all about follow-up and allows us to see how your employees are fairing with their wellbeing.

    We all get off track and lose our initial enthusiasm.

    The purpose of this session is to help embed the program into your employee’s everyday life. It helps them refresh and revitalise their personal wellbeing goals. And it ensures that each individual has an actionable plan that they can actually use.

    After all, we don’t want to pop into your lives with our wellbeing programs without them having a long-lasting effect. Sustainable healthy habits without heaps of effort. That’s what we all want.

    Our programs can form the backbone of a broader wellbeing plan in your organisation. And that’s what we’d like to see: your employees setting up wellbeing for life.


    Our wellbeing strategy services

    We’ve designed wellbeing strategy packages so you can introduce wellbeing into your workplace without breaking the bank.

    Depending on your requirements, we can be a consulting service where you get the advantage of our expertise. Or you can take advantage of our premium service, where we do everything for you.
    Workplace wellbeing strategy
    (DIY – do it yourself)
    (DWY – done with you)
    (DFY – done for you)
    Facilitated session to develop wellbeing strategy
    Expert guidance
    Leverage industry knowledge
    Tips on what works and what doesn’t
    Wellbeing strategy written up
    Assistance for executive support
    Specialist topics advice
    Post-covid wellbeing practices
    Mental health advice
    Ready-made programs organisation
    Access to vetted provider network
    Costing advice
    Guiding and developing your wellbeing team
    Support for 3 months
    Support for 12 months
    12-month wellbeing calendar
    Options for additional sessions
    Wellbeing posters Template
    Healthy habit sessions
    Dedicated portal Created by you Created by us
    Extensive-ready to go wellbeing resources
    On-demand podcasts and materials
    Guided meditations and wellbeing practices
    Sleep seminar
    Organisation wide-laughter session
    All templates DIY only
    Access to wellbeing leadership program
    Monthly what’s on in email and poster
    Theme suggestions
    Evaluation forms
    Billing Upfront 14-day Flexible
    • We help you develop the strategy
    • You write it up
    • A great way to gain some guidance from a professional well-being facilitator
    • We develop the strategy with you
    • We write it up
    • You implement over the next three, six or 12 months
    • We develop the strategy
    • We write it up
    • We can brief your executive
    • We implement program
    • We deliver core elements
    • We source providers
    • We help you evaluate
    • We take care of ALL the admin
    The Workplace Wellbeing difference

    Our programs differ from our competitors.

    Here’s how:

    • Every employee receives an actional plan they can easily put into action. This isn’t about your people taking some notes, then hiding them at the bottom of a drawer. Or forgetting about them as soon as they return to their desks
    • The habits we help your employees create are sustainable and long-lasting
    • We understand that not one size fits all. That’s why we customise our programs to your organisation (andto each of your people)
    • Our programs include follow-ups to help keep people on track. This helps employees embed the program into their daily routine
    • Our facilitators are available for one-on-one consults. This helps iron out any questions you or your employees may have. And it ensures your employees feel empowered and heard
    • We answer every email ourselves, right here in Australia. None of our responses are automated or outsourced. We do this as we believe in the quality of our programs


    Employees find our programs engaging. Here’s why:

    • Having access to our facilitators, one-on-one, ensures employees receive the greatest benefit
    • Having access to our facilitators, one-on-one, ensures employees receive the greatest benefit
    • Our approach is pragmatic and empowers employees to confidently take tiny steps
    • We create practices that are easily embedded into your employee’s workplace and their daily routines
    • There’s heaps of follow-up and support before, during and after the program

    Experience the Workplace Wellbeing difference today