About Cris

Have you heard about those guest speakers and facilitators who go on and on about how wonderful they are? And then tell you how they ‘discovered’ the answer and now you can have it too (at a huge cost)?

Well, that’s not Cris. He believes that kind of talk disempowers people. And we’re here to excite and incentivise your people. He also has a healthy respect that everyone’s path is unique. As such, you should “walk your own walk”.

What does Cris mean by this? He’s had struggles (and still does). And he’s made a few mistakes. In fact, he believes in making mistakes every day, to learn and grow. But Cris also believes in learning from others. His journey has taught him some valuable shortcuts. Shortcuts that can help you (and others) avoid some of the pitfalls he’s experienced.

Cris has shared a stage with the likes of the Dalai Lama, Brené Brown and others. Their inspiration shaped the successful wellbeing practises that Cris now brings to workplaces.

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    6 Best Practices to Launch (or Re-launch) Your Workplace Wellbeing Program

    You’ve put a lot of hard work into planning your wellbeing program – now it’s time to implement. Make the most of it by holding a launch – these can be annual. It’s a good excuse to bring everyone together, you’ll have the attention of senior management team and it’s one additional opportunity to reinforce your wellbeing message. Here’s how to get the best value:


    1. Hold a launch. Even if you had one last year, launch it again.

    2. Have someone from the executive speak but keep it short. It sends a really important message on the value of wellbeing.

    3. Make it fun and memorable. Hold a mass activity (we would recommend a laughter session) but it could also be a bbq, game, quiz or race. The important thing is to have one activity that everyone joins in on.

    4. Start the buzz in advance by promising a special guest, secret activity or door prize,

    5. Use multiple launches for different sites or shifts. Don’t leave people out.

    6. Have your team turn up in loose comfortable clothing.

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    People remember experiences not “things” so you need to prioritise focus on a great experience rather than give-aways.  You can do both of course. 

    If there is a serious part to the session make sure the fun activity is last so that people will walk away remembering the fun part.

    Want to toss some ideas around?  At Workplace Wellbeing we specialise in helping you create effective wellbeing programs.

    We’re also sensational speakers and facilitators for your activities.   We’d be happy to discuss your launch or program with you.  Get in touch for a free initial consultation.