About Cris

Have you heard about those guest speakers and facilitators who go on and on about how wonderful they are? And then tell you how they ‘discovered’ the answer and now you can have it too (at a huge cost)?

Well, that’s not Cris. He believes that kind of talk disempowers people. And we’re here to excite and incentivise your people. He also has a healthy respect that everyone’s path is unique. As such, you should “walk your own walk”.

What does Cris mean by this? He’s had struggles (and still does). And he’s made a few mistakes. In fact, he believes in making mistakes every day, to learn and grow. But Cris also believes in learning from others. His journey has taught him some valuable shortcuts. Shortcuts that can help you (and others) avoid some of the pitfalls he’s experienced.

Cris has shared a stage with the likes of the Dalai Lama, Brené Brown and others. Their inspiration shaped the successful wellbeing practises that Cris now brings to workplaces.

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    Self-Care for Health Care

    In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the importance of prioritising the wellbeing of our healthcare workers cannot be overstated.

    Recently, the Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Centre hosted an enlightening webinar, titled “Wellbeing Strategies and Coaching – Pitfalls and Pearls to Success.”

    I had the honour of being invited as one of the presenters, alongside distinguished industry leaders, Sandy Chamberlin, Chief Executive Officer of Great Ocean Road Health, and Meredith Wiseman, a certified professional coach from WiseWell LCA.

    This fifth community of practice webinar proved to be a gathering of like-minded healthcare professionals, spanning various clinical and non-clinical roles in health services, community health, and aged and primary care settings.

    Our common goal was to pool knowledge, resources, and experiences, with a laser focus on bolstering the wellbeing of healthcare workers.

    We all know that healthcare workers are often selfless and dedicated to caring for others, but what about caring for themselves?

    In this webinar, I had the opportunity to delve into a topic close to my heart – “Self-Care for Health Care – 3 Reasons Wellbeing Programs Fail (and What to Do About Them).”

    I talked about:

    how my wellbeing program became a finalist in the “Better Health” awards

    why it was so successful in increasing engagement, health, and performance

    the 3 pitfalls (and solutions) for leaders implementing wellbeing programs

    The “Wellbeing Strategies and Coaching” webinar was a resounding success, uniting healthcare workers in their shared mission to improve wellbeing across the industry.

    Supporting healthcare workers’ wellbeing is not just an act of compassion but a necessity for the sustainable future of the healthcare system.

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