About Cris

Have you heard about those guest speakers and facilitators who go on and on about how wonderful they are? And then tell you how they ‘discovered’ the answer and now you can have it too (at a huge cost)?

Well, that’s not Cris. He believes that kind of talk disempowers people. And we’re here to excite and incentivise your people. He also has a healthy respect that everyone’s path is unique. As such, you should “walk your own walk”.

What does Cris mean by this? He’s had struggles (and still does). And he’s made a few mistakes. In fact, he believes in making mistakes every day, to learn and grow. But Cris also believes in learning from others. His journey has taught him some valuable shortcuts. Shortcuts that can help you (and others) avoid some of the pitfalls he’s experienced.

Cris has shared a stage with the likes of the Dalai Lama, Brené Brown and others. Their inspiration shaped the successful wellbeing practises that Cris now brings to workplaces.

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    We Have Been Nominated For An Award

    OMG – The wellbeing program I put together for Great Ocean Road Health (GORH) “Self-Care for Health-Care” has been shortlisted for the 2022 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards.

    Although I already had the concept of personalised wellbeing plans for every employee (not the mass-market approach) I had to revise the program in a bit of a flurry during Covid:
    – delivering it as I was building it
    – adapting it for online delivery
    – updating with the latest research on habit formation and
    – tailoring it for the health care sector.

    I was constantly changing and adjusting even between back-to-back sessions while creating a whole online platform and new website – workplace wellbeing (while simultaneously launching a hybrid leadership program).

    Unlike a lot of other wellbeing programs I don’t focus on education (because everyone knows what they need to do) so much as habit formation (people need help with the “how to do” wellbeing) i.e. I help people create sustainable healthy habits.

    And also it’s really personalised – everyone walks away with their personal wellbeing program, tailored to their own situation, abilities and context.

    To give credit where it’s due – the leadership at GORH are great and my wellbeing program was part of a greater package (not the whole of it).

    There was a lot of emphasis across the whole organisation on wellbeing and helping out – from the board down.

    Still great to get recognition for my part in it.

    I am so hoping it will lead to other organisations adopting this personal approach – helping their staff to great sustainable, healthy habits.


    The Victorian Public Healthcare Awards is an annual celebration to acknowledge the achievements of our healthcare workers and public health services. The annual awards were paused in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s award winners will be revealed at the 16th Victorian Public Healthcare Awards Gala Night which will be held at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne as a hybrid in-person and virtual event on 13th October 2022.  

    Check out other finalists for this year’s awards here.